♀ Riot Grrrl ♀ בישראל

Last night, I went to a metal night at Blaze Bar in downtown Jerusalem. I enjoy the underground scene, the friendly badass atmosphere and of course, the music. But another thing I enjoy is looking at the crowd. You don’t see many metalheads or punks roaming the streets of Jerusalem on any given day. But on a metal night, they all seem to flock to one common place of congregation and rock out to some hardcore metal.

Looking at all the awesome punks with the funky hairdos, ragged clothes, tattooed up and down, I felt a tattoo-urge so intense it made my skin itch. I’ve had that same feeling in Belgium at the Graspop Metal Festival, except that back then, it was on a larger scale, and it lasted for a full three days, and not just a couple of hours.

It also made me wonder if all these people are…

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