My views on this industry

Tattooing has came a very long way from ink and thread to steel frames and coils, what I have learned in this industry from a short period of time that it is a dog eat dog and cut throat business. Their are two types of tattoo artists in my opinion , the one that is about the history and creating and maintain the artistry and foundation from greats and late legends in the industry. The others are the one who don’t give a damn about what they doing and not worry about the art involved but worries about making money. A true and real artist knows that your art sells as well as your name. So study the art and the foundation that these great artist living and non living has laid for us, you are never done learning , everything u do in this industry is still a learning process no matter how old you are or how many years you been in the industry, my mentor said to me one night ” hell I been tattooing for 6 years now and I’m still learning” he is right …the point of it all is study the history and why this industry is what it is now.


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